The “Natural Food, Conscious Nutrition” group (DBB) involves people who are willing to directly access healthy food produced using nature-friendly methods, and who take responsibility in this respect. It is a PGS (participatory guarantee system) model which favours community-supported production.

DBB is in no way a product supplier for its participants and never plays a middlemen role. It aims to bring sensitive producers and buyers closer to each other, facilitate contact and communication and establish a trusting environment in order to support any means of direct product supply.

DBB uses an e-mail group for communication and coordination purposes. This e-mail group is open to buyers who live in Ankara and are willing to have direct access to natural products, and to producers who are able to supply natural products to Ankara. The e-mail group is there for practical reasons, i.e., facilitation of direct supply of natural products, rather than just knowledge and opinion sharing.

Approval of subscription to and administration of the e-mail group is undertaken by a committee of moderators. You can reach the moderators via the e-mail address “dbb dot moderasyon at gmail dot com”.

If you live in Ankara and wish to a participant of DBB (“Natural Food, Conscious Nutrition Group), please first read the DBB CODE OF PARTICIPATION AND CONDUCT. If you accept this code you can apply for membership by following the instructions given on this page: https://ankaradbb.wordpress.com/dbb-ankara-e-posta-iletisim-listesi/


We all have sufficient knowledge about the negative impact of the products supplied by the industrial food sector on ourselves and our planet. If we want to make a change, we need to implement our conscious choices to create collective solutions.

By making conscious choices, we can;

  • have a healthy and balanced nutrition with natural food of high nutrition and healing properties,,
  • support economically troubled farmers by eliminating middle stages between food production and consumption,
  • contribute to conservation of nature and biodiversity.


There are things we can do to make sensitive and conscious choices about what we eat.

There are many people doing impressive work in this way. They inform people around them about possible health risks of industrial food and natural and social degradation caused by its production processes; they put effort to raise awareness, organize meetings and seminars, take action in the political field.

These efforts are all necessary, but not sufficient! The real change will come only when we change our way of living. We will be wasting our mind and energy if we merely talk about and keep consuming the industrial products, which are most of the time ‘fake’, bear residue of agricultural chemicals, and sometimes have GMO risks.

We may not be able to eliminate our dependence on fake food at once, but we can start acting immediately:

  • We cannot expect natural products to come to us. We should put effort into finding and having access to them. Unless we demand for it, no one will go and bring natural products on our table for us.
  • We can join one of the existing natural food access groups near us. A list of such groups is available on Conscious Eco-consumer Groups page. So we can directly order from trustworthy farmers and even pay visits to their farms.
  • We can establish one-to-one contact with conscious farmers in order to identify the most convenient options for order and shipping and regularly buy from them.
  • We can assess the seasonal needs of ours, our families or our workplace and cut deals with one or more farmers before production. This way we can secure not only our access to the products we need, but also the viability of the farmers we cooperate with.
  • We can do our best to produce our own food. A window stool, a balcony, or a small garden could give us chance to make small-scale food production.
  • We can prepare our dishes at home instead of buying ready-made ones. 
  • We can prefer natural and healthy options of ingredients such as flour, sugar, molasses, oil, etc.
  • We can be prepared for a certain cost difference of natural (organic or otherwise ecological and trustworthy).

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