1. DBB is a group open for people living in and around Ankara and producers capable of supplying natural products to Ankara.
  2. The group is composed of people who are ready to take responsibility about the production, shipping and consumption of the food they eat and give to people, and who are aware of who and what they support with their expenditure.
  3. DBB aims to bring sensitive producers and consumers closer, facilitate communication, establish mutual trust and support all forms of direct supply of natural products.
  4. DBB e-mail group is used only for communication concerning ‘direct access to natural products’. This particularly involves (1) information from DBB producers about their products and production methods, and questions from group participants regarding such information, (2) announcements of meetings, workshops etc. concerning natural products and direct access issues. The e-mail group is not used for other kind of information and opinion sharing. The medium for sharing such other kind of information and opinion is the DBB online forum.
  5. DBB moderators are not responsible for promotion of producers in DBB network, nor for shipping or distribution of products or payments for orders. These issues are under the responsibility of producers. For joint actions such as group orders, involved group participants share all responsibility.
  6. Shipping and payment arrangements are decided between the producer and the buyer. Producers and buyers share the whole responsibility for these processes.
  7. Group participants are encouraged to support the producers for issues like communication, promotion, collecting orders, shipping and delivery. Group participants do not ask for any material benefit in return for their support.
  8. DBB takes the organic production standard (i.e. no systemic chemicals in production) as the minimum standard for ‘natural product’, and going beyond that, values nature and human friendly methods of agriculture and production. For producers of DBB, possessing an organic product certificate is not compulsory; trust between producers and buyers is the main principle.
  9. Producers who are willing to be a part of the DBB network apply to the committee of moderators. An applicant whose participation is approved by the committee is entitled as a ‘DBB producer’. That said, the responsibility of deciding whether the products of a producer are clean, reliable, natural and nature-friendly belongs to individual DBB participants.
  10. DBB producers make details about their products and production methods available to the group participants. They ensure that the group participants can directly contact with them, ask questions and witness the production processes. The producers do their best to keep their online introduction pages and product lists up to date.
  11. Those locally organized collective initiatives, which are involved in nature conservation and/or ecological living practices and acting in cooperation with local producers, are eligible to be DBB producers. Such initiatives are expected to announce the producers’ contact details for each product they supply and enable buyers to directly contact with those producers.
  12. Like all other ecologically sensitive initiatives, DBB values and supports the idea of ‘local production – local consumption’, but it is not restrictive in this respect. The prior aim is to enable access to quality products and support sensitive producers.
  13. Those organisations which play a middleman role in supply of organic or natural products, i.e., those which take possession of and sell products, are not eligible to be ‘DBB producers’ and can not subscribe to the e-mail group with an institutional e-mail address. Advertisement or promotion of such organisations via the e-mail group or the web site or giving link to their web sites are not allowed.
  14. DBB participants do their best to obtain information about production processes and carry out on-the-spot check and observation. They can pay individual or group visits to production sites. These visits should not be made in a way to keep producers from their production work.
  15. DBB producers price their products sensibly to secure their mutual cooperation with buyers.
  16. DBB participants understand the differences between the qualities and production processes of natural and industrial products and the implication of these differences on pricing. They support producers of real food using nature-friendly methods against mass production which externalizes costs by exploiting labour and nature.
  17. DBB participants provide opinion and feedback about DBB producers and their products in a way to contribute to enhancement of producers.
  18. In case a DBB participant observes or suspects that a producer violates the DBB code or that a particular product does not comply with natural product criteria, he/she first contacts with the producer for a solution to the problem. If this does not help for solution, the participant informs the committee of moderators. If the problem persists, the participant can bring the problem to the attention of the whole group in a constructive manner.
  19. DBB group operates on mere basis of voluntarism and mutual responsibility. There is no sanction whatsoever for those who choose to leave the group.
  20. The DBB moderator or moderators bear the power to terminate the participant status of those who violate this Code of Participation and Conduct to the DBB system and the e-mail group.

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