You may find the list of DBB producers here (Info  in Turkish).

The DBB group values the principle of ‘local production- local consumption’. We will continue to support those producers who are distant from Ankara but with the group from the very beginning. However, being located in vicinity of Ankara will a primary criteria for accepting new producers.

NOTE: DBB will not accept any new producers for some time, in order not to exceed the group’s auto-monitoring capacity.

What is meant by “natural product” in DBB context is those products, which comply with min. organic product standards (no systemic chemicals), and beyond that, which are produced in a respectful manner to nature, biodiversity and human health. You may find here the natural product criteria for specific products.

‘Organic product certificate’ is not compulsory to be a DBB producer. The underlying aim of this is to get rid of the intermediary role of certification firms and to promote natural agricultural methods beyond organic production methods. The basic criteria concerning the products and production methods is mutual trust. The group participants are encouraged to pay individual or group visits to production sites.

In addition to individual/family producers, ecological collectives established by producers in a particular region are also eligible to be DBB producers. The contact points of such collectives are expected to provide the DBB group with contact details of each producer in the initiative to enable direct access to those producers.


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