Natural product criteria for DBB



DBB producers are allowed to supply only natural products to the group participants. What is meant by natural product is that no methods or inputs, which could be harmful for nature of human health (agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, hormones, supplements, etc.), were used in any stage of production. As a practical definition, natural products are those which meet organic product standards at minimum (ie. no systemic chemicals), and beyond that, which are produced in a manner respectful to nature, biodiversity and human health.

Obviously, it is difficult to present detailed criteria for every product, but the ‘naturalness’ criteria for main product groups are given below:

Agricultural products (cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits)

  • No systemic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers,) are allowed at any stage of production
  • Nature-friendly production methods should be adopted to protect soil, water and natural environment
  • Conventional/traditional methods and not biotechnological ones (induced mutation, genetic manipulation, hybridization) should be used for seed/sapling improvement. Local varieties should be preferred wherever possible.
  • Harvesting from nature should be done in a responsible manner at locations undisturbed by (air, water, soil) pollution.

Animal products

  • Animals should be grazing freely, eating natural feed and living in a healthy environment in line with their natural needs
  • No industrials feeds are allowed. Only natural supplements such as barley, vetch, etc. grown by nature-friendly agriculture methods can be used.
  • No hormone supplements should be used.
  • Cattle, sheep and goats should be under veterinary control.
  • No additives are allowed in raw milk.
  • For diary products, milk should be heated up to boiling point and cooled before use; cheese should be kept in brine at least for three months.
  • In honey production, no inputs (drugs, chemicals, comb guides) apart from those allowed for organic production should be used. No supplements such as sugar should be provided during the honey making period.

Processed products

Processed products such as tarhana, noodle, bread, molasses, vinegar, pickles, dried vegetables should be prepared using only natural inputs. For instance the wheat used for making bulghur of the wheat, tomatoes and pepper used for making tarhana should come from natural or organic (no chemicals or artificial fertilizers) production. Eggs should be obtained from free range grazing chickens. Whole wheat flour ground in stone mills is preferred in baked goods.


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