Roles in DBB




All subscribers of the DBB e-mail group, including producers and moderators, are entitled as DBB participants. DBB participants commit to comply with the DBB Code of Participation and Conduct. Participants are expected to be actively involved in an effort to obtain the products they need from sensitive producers and do their best to support the producers and the group. In other words, DBB participants take responsibility to be “prosumers”, rather than remaining as mere consumers. Participants can support DBB in the following ways:

  • Technical assistance to producers for using the DBB e-mail group and the DBB forum,
  • In case of a difficulty to reach a producer via e-mail, reaching the producer via telephone and informing about questions and orders coming from the e-mail group,
  • Helping producers in their production, order receipt, shipping and delivery, etc. works and organizing support activities,
  • Providing venues in the city to be regularly used for group orders in a way that producers can send the ordered products and buyers can receive them without problem,
  • Providing constructive feedback to the group whenever there is a problem with the e-mail group or the forum,
  • Taking initiative to establish working groups and participating in them.


DBB producers are those individuals or initiatives who comply with the natural production and direct access principles of the DBB and whose participation to the DBB network have been approved by the committee of moderators. The set of criteria that DBB producers have to fulfil are listed here. Contact details and other information concerning the producers are given in their respective online introduction pages.


DBB producers are expected to keep their online introduction pages up-to-date, regularly share their product lists and order forms to the e-mail group, deliver the orders to the buyer in an appropriate way. However, there may be times when the producers are so preoccupied with production works that they could not fulfill such expectations regularly and/or properly. For those producers in need, DBB participants can act as assistance points. Such practice renders the producer a collective initiative; the assistance point becomes a co-producer. In essence, it is the rule that buyers should be able to directly contact with the producers, find answers to their questions and visit production sites after making necessary arrangements with the producer. A DBB assistance point can handle the following tasks for a producer:

  • Promotion of the producer and products, updating the DBB web site of the producer as necessary.
  • Collecting orders, compiling order forms or lists and announcing them regularly via the e-mail group.
  • Sending informative messages to the DBB e-mail group and the forum.
  • Updating the web site or social media entries of the producer.
  • Sending queries to the group to identify the demand and assist production planning.
  • Monitoring the feedback concerning the products and sharing them with the producer.
  • Following order payments on behalf of the producer.
  • Organizing workshops and site visits.
  • Assistance for selling: Being a representative in the marketplace, providing delivery venue for group orders, etc.
  • Joining in production: Producing certain products in collaboration with the producer.
  • Contact details of assistance points are given in the online introduction pages of each DBB producer.


Ceyhan Temürcü, Funda Akçam, Gülden Binerbay, Nevin Marangoz

The committee of DBB moderators take decisions on the functioning of the DBB group and implement them, and revise the code of the DBB group. The moderators do their best to make the decision-making process participatory and transparent. They make the final decision with consensus. New participants can join the committee only with consensus of the current moderators. The contact e-mail address of the committee of moderators is .

The duties of the moderators are as follows:

  1. Updating the DBB Code of Subcription and Conduct whenever necessary via a participatory method.
  2. Approving or rejecting applications for subscription to the e-mail group.
  3. Overseeing the compliance of the e-mail group correspondences with the DBB Code; reminding about the Code in case of violations, and if necessary, terminating the participant status of violators.
  4. Assessing applications from producers and approving their participation.
  5. Answering questions from DBB producers, intervening in case communication problems
  6. Overseeing the producer info pages in the DBB web site and intervening in case of missing information or need for update.
  7. Guiding the producers and providing technical assistance as necessary for updating their info pages.
  8. Defining the DBB natural production criteria as clear as possible and ensure the visibility of these criteria.
  9. Assessing the feedback concerning the producers and products; reminding about the DBB Code in case of violations, and if necessary, terminating the participant status of violating producers.
  10. Coordinating the DBB work groups.
  11. Approving applications to DBB Forum membership, overseeing correspondences in the forum and other moderation duties.


Ceyhan Temürcü, Mert Altıntaş, Özge Alpay, Murat Şahabettin, Feride Eroğlu, Gülden Binerbay, Berna Çol, Sinan Kınıkoğlu, Cem Çetintaş, Deniz Atak, Ayşegül Çerçi, Banu Binbaşaran, Özgür Yıldırım, Ömer Murat Ünsal, Filiz Öztürk, Aylin Öney Tan 

Aim of the group: Promoting DBB, expanding the buyer network and acting for enabling easier access to products. Duties:

  1. Preparing info sheets and brochures about the DBB and natural products. Publishing these materials on the DBB web site, distributing them via marketplaces, festivals, professional circles, etc.
  2. Translation of the DBB web site in English. Putting the material in English into brochure format.
  3. Organising DBB promotion days in restaurants or during festivals..
  4. Organising seminars and gatherings to promote DBB, raise awareness on natural nutrition / direct access, etc.
  5. Contacting cafés to encourage them to prepare eco-menus.
  6. Acting for regular and easier ordering from DBB producers.
  7. Exploring sustainable venues for delivery of group orders.

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